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First Blood
Blood Orange Hefeweizen

This refreshingly tart and crisp Bavarian style wheat ale has hints of banana, coriander and clove. In German the prefix “Hefe" means "with yeast", hence the beer's unfiltered and cloudy appearance. We’ve also added blood oranges in the fermenter which rounds out the beer with a subtle citrusy zest on the backend.

ABV 5.3% IBU 12 SRM 3

Wicked Throat Charmer
New England IPA

This juicy New England style IPA is wicked awesome! It’s a nice alternative to West Coast IPAs. Dry hopped at the height of fermentation with tons of Citra and Amarillo, this beer is definitely hop forward but has almost no bitterness on the back end. It has a hazy orange color, and is full of tropical and citrus flavors and aromas.

ABV 7.2% IBU 75 SRM 7

Carolina Creek Pilsner

Carolina Creek

This beer was brewed in collaboration with Carolina Malt House and mashed with 100% Carolina grown barley. Doughy bagels and crusty bread goodness meets a crisp, clean finish from our house Lager Yeast. Noble hop presence supports a fruity strawberry & honeydew aroma from additions of new age German Huell Melon hops. A classic style with a modern twist- perfect for any season.

ABV 4.8%, IBU 30, SRM 3

Quit your Wine-ing
Pinot Noir Grape Juice Seltzer

Dry, crisp, and clean with a light complementary wine fruitiness character. Fermented with real Pinot Noir grape juice for an authentic sparkling wine-style seltzer.

ABV 6%


SPF 50/50
Lemon Lime Radler

For some, SPF is a level of protection…for us, SPF stands for So Phuckin Flavorful - so have a rad time with this Radler style beer. 50% lemon wheat beer and 50% lemon/lime soda. Perfect for those scorching hot Summer days. Take some time to cool off and protect your thirst at Two Blokes!⁠

ABV 3% SRM 2 IBU 8

Striped Sweater

Sriped Sweater
Tropical IPA

Our newest Tropical IPA boasts an extremely creamy mouthfeel from mashing oats and wheat. Bright tropical pineapple with grape aromas blend with sugary peach and passionfruit flavors.

ABV 6.5% IBU 65 SRM 5


Kiwi Berliner Weisse

This fruited sour is nicely tart, fruity, and light. Our golden sour base beer has a balanced acidity and a clean finish, and our addition of kiwi fruit makes this beer a perfect warm weather crusher..

ABV 5.5% IBU 10 SRM 3

Better Dead Than Red

Better Red Than Dead
Irish Red Ale

This rich and malty ale is inspired by the red ales of Ireland. We use English Maris Otter and continental caramel malts for a smooth malt backbone balanced with earthy English hops for a comforting finish. Easy drinking. If you like our Publican you’ll love this seasonal release.

ABV 5.2% IBU 20 SRM 13

The Ecstasy of Gold Beer Sign

The Ecstasy of Gold
West Coast IPA on NITRO

Our homage to El Dorado hops - "El Dorado" translates to "The Golden One." Our newest West Coast IPA radiates gold and ruby in the glass. Flakey pie crust up front meets branches of mulberries and wild blackberry brambles. El Dorado lends an extra candy-like finish, making this beer irresistibly drinkable.

ABV 7%, SRM 8, IBU 65

Drone beer sign

Honey Rye IPA

In this flavorful IPA you'll find a little spice from the rye along with the flavor and aroma of South Carolina wildflower honey from Bee Well Honey in Pickens, SC. It's a crisp, well-balanced IPA dry hopped with Centennial. As one of our flagships, you can pilot this Drone anytime of year.

ABV 7% IBU 85 SRM 11

English Pale Ale (On Nitro)

This English-style pub ale is sessionable with a lower 5.1% ABV. Publicans are British pub owners who make sure your glass stays full. Perfect for those late night conversations about politics and the world at large, it will keep your mind sharp and your palate happy. It has a floral nose, the body is malty, but has a crisp finish. Hopped with East Kent Goldings and Fuggles.

ABV 5.1% IBU 39 SRM 9

Spilt Milk
Milk Stout (On Nitro)

Our take on this classic style has big roasted barley flavor on the front end and balanced sweetness on the backend. Milk stout, sometimes called ‘cream’ or ‘sweet’ stout, is a stout containing lactose, a sugar derived from milk. Lactose is unfermentable by beer yeast, so it adds sweetness and body to the finished beer. In the early 1900s milk stouts were considered nutritious and recommended to expecting and nursing mothers.

ABV 5.6% IBU 25 SRM 35

Chipotle Amber Ale

This is a medium-bodied amber beer with a smokey warmth from the chipotle peppers. Unlike some pepper flavored beers you may have tried, this one is well balanced. There is a little heat that creeps in on the back end but it won't wreck your palate. This is a perennial favorite for both craft beer aficionados and those new to craft beer.

ABV 7.3% IBU 31 SRM 15

Helles Hath No Fury
Helles Lager

This Helles Lager was brewed with the help of the amazing women of Two Blokes to show our support for women in the craft beer industry. This bright, crisp, and dry lager is brewed with 100% Carolina pilsner malt. Expect flavors of fresh-baked biscuits and toasty crackers. Saphir hops lend a note of cracked black pepper, with a clean finish from our house lager yeast..

ABV 5.5%, IBU 20, SRM 4

sabro smash

Single Malt & Single Hop Pale Ale

S.M.A.S.H. beers are defined by their simplicity. Single Malt And Single Hop. This is the [number?] beer in our smash series. This beer features 100% Pilsner malt and 100% Sabro hops. The Pilsner malt is simple and clean, allowing the hops to take the spotlight. The Sabro hops give this beer big tropical vibes, with notes of pineapple, citrus, and coconut.

ABV 6.5% IBU 30 SRM 3

keep calm & saison

Barrel Aged Keep Calm & Saison
French Farmhouse Ale

Aged on Brandy barrels. This French farmhouse/saison ale is dry, fruity and peppery with a pale straw-colored haze and billowy head when poured. Saison (pronounced say-zohn) is French for "season". This farmhouse style of beer was historically brewed in the winter months when temperatures were lower and more favorable for fermentation and then consumed by farmhands in the hot summer months. With modern equipment we can brew this style any season we want, so you can drink it anytime you need a break from your own farm(yard) work.

ABV 6% IBU 26 SRM 3.9

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