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Apple Ginger

Our seasonal seltzer, perfect for Fall weather with apple and Ginger.

ABV 4.5%
20oz $8.00 | 16oz $7.00 | 12oz $6.00 | 8oz $4.50 | 4oz $2.50

Wicked Throat Charmer
New England IPA

This juicy New England style IPA is wicked awesome! It’s a nice alternative to West Coast IPAs. Dry hopped at the height of fermentation with tons of Citra and Amarillo, this beer is definitely hop forward but has almost no bitterness on the back end. It has a hazy orange color, and is full of tropical and citrus flavors and aromas.

ABV 7.2% | IBU 75 | SRM 7
20oz $9.25 |16oz $8.25 | 12oz $7.25 | 8oz $5.50 | 4oz $3.00

Good Boy
Golden Ale

Gold Boy Golden Ale is a light and zesty beer brewed with a blend of Maris Otter and Pilsner malts and a respectable amount of Cascade hops. As approachable as a 100% pure bred good boy, a malty and round body leads you right into a firm hoppiness with notes of orange and grapefruit zest. Belly up to the bar, because this beer was made to be had in threes with friends.

ABV 5.1% | SRM 4.3 | IBU 19.3
20oz $8.50 |16oz $7.50 | 12oz $6.50 | 8oz $5.00 | 4oz $2.75

sharing is caring

Sharing is Caring
Pale Ale

We got together with some new friends at [insert whatever they call themselves] and brewed a collab beer…sort of. We mashed in with some pale malt and Vienna malt, but before we boiled, everyone took some home to get creative with. We chose to make a pale ale hopped with Idaho 7 and El Dorado. It’s crisp, light, and sessionable with notes of grapefruit, orange candy, and pine.

5.7% ABV | 15 SRM | 43 IBU
20oz $8.50 | 16oz $7.50 | 12oz $6.50 | 8oz $5.00 | 4oz $2.75

Log Tosser
Bourbon Barrel Aged Wee Heavy/Scoth Ale

Long boil times and low fermentation temperatures create an exceptionally malty beer with sweet caramel and butterscotch flavors. It pours a beautiful dark copper hue, and you’ll find dark fruit aromas on the nose as it warms up. At 9.7% ABV, it hides its alcohol well making it very drinkable.

ABV 9.7% | SRM 22 | IBU 20
16oz $9.00 | 12oz $8.00 | 8oz $6.00 | 4oz $3.00​

first blood

First Blood
Blood Orange Hefeweizen

This refreshingly tart and crisp Bavarian style wheat ale has hints of banana, coriander and clove. In German the prefix “Hefe" means "with yeast", hence the beer's unfiltered and cloudy appearance. We’ve also added blood oranges in the fermenter which rounds out the beer with a subtle citrusy zest on the backend.

ABV 5.3% | IBU 12 | SRM 3
20oz $8.50 | 16oz $7.50 | 12oz $6.50 | 8oz $5.00 | 4oz $2.75

Throat Charmer
Double IPA

Throat Charmer is an Australian slang term for a beer. After a hot dusty day working in the outback, a throat charmer will sort you out! This American-style Double IPA is loaded with hops and it will charm you from the first swallow. It's mouthwatering, crisp and clean tasting. Top shelf Citra and Amarillo hops give it citrus character, and the piney resinous aroma and flavor.
ABV 8%, SRM 5, IBU 90
20oz $9.25 | 16oz $8.25 | 12oz $7.25 | 8oz $5.50 | 4oz $3​.00


The Bare Maximum
Cold IPA

A cold IPA is a crisp and drinkable IPA fermented at cold temperatures that features dry-hopping in primary fermentation and after fermentation is done. It’s a beer that walks the tight-rope between being hop-forward and crisp without being too much of either. Ours is gernerously hopped with Motueka, Citra, and Strata hops giving it notes of lime, strawberry, grapefruit, and pineapple.

7.2% ABV | 3.7 SRM | 38 IBU
20oz $9.25 | 16oz $8.25 | 12oz $7.25 | 8oz $5.50 | 4oz $3​.00

suburban sensai

Suburban Sensai
Belgiuan Witbier Fermented with Koji

Welcome to the ‘burbs…your job sucks, the local kids keep leaving bags of flaming you-know-what at your door, and the dog is useless. You take a single self-defense with Sensei Brad at the local strip mall karate studio and rewatch any and every JCVD film you can get your hands on in preparation to defend your family. But first you need a beer to calm your nerves.
Suburban Sensei is a collaboration with our friends at Fatty's Beer Works. This refreshing Witbier is finished through a co-fermentation process with koji, giving the beer notes of citrus, vanilla, and bubblegum with a slightly tart finish.
No Mercy. No Surrender

ABV 7% | 12 SRM | 35 IBU
20oz $8.50 | 16oz $7.50 | 12oz $6.50 | 8oz $5.00 | 4oz $2.75​

buds & suds

Buds & Suds Collaboration
Italian Pilsner

This beer was brewed by Buds & Suds, a non-profit organization founded to celebrate friendship in the craft beer community while raising funds for continued education in the brewing industry. Light to medium body. Pronounced floral and lemon aroma. Palate follows with a floral note, citrus and lemon zest, subtle spice character. Semi-dry with slight hop bitterness on the finish. .

5.6% ABV
20oz $8.50 | 16oz $7.50 | 12oz $6.50 | 8oz $5.00 | 4oz $2.75

Little Full, 'Lotta Sap
Spruce Tip Pale Ale

A classic American pale ale brewed for the cooler months, this beer features Idaho 7 and El dorado hops and 10lbs of fresh spruce tips giving it notes of wintergreen, pine, and (believe it or not) fruity pebbles. Pairs well with friends around a campfire.

ABV 6.2% | IBU 23 | SRM 29
20oz $8.50 | 16oz $7.50 | 12oz $6.50 | 8oz $5.00 | 4oz $2.75

Drone beer sign

Honey Rye IPA

Drone is a crisp IPA that marries the citrus and pine character of Centennial hops, the spice from malted rye, and the floral sweetness of local honey from Bee Well Honey in Pickens, SC. All three come together in this well-balanced and seasonal IPA that has been known to make some…mindlessly loyal.

7.3% ABV | 9 SRM | 80 IBU
20 oz $9.25 | 16oz $8.50 | 12oz $7.25 | 8oz $5.50 | 4oz $3.00

Chipotle Amber Ale

This is a medium-bodied amber beer with a smokey warmth from the chipotle peppers. Unlike some pepper flavored beers you may have tried, this one is well balanced. There is a little heat that creeps in on the back end but it won't wreck your palate. This is a perennial favorite for both craft beer aficionados and those new to craft beer.

ABV 7.3% | 15 SRM | 31 IBU
20oz $8.50 | 16oz $7.50 | 12oz $6.50 | 8oz $5.00 | 4oz $2.75​

umlaut Kolsch


Kolsch is a german-style ale traditionally brewed in Cologne. We mashed our Kolsch with a combination of German malts, with an addition of Triticale. Triticale is a hybrid of wheat and rye, and gives this beer a pleasant grainy-ness. Hopped with a variety of German hops, expect aromas of freshly cut grass & pear..

ABV 5.1% | IBU 28 | SRM 3.5
20oz $9.25 | 16oz $8.25 | 12oz $7.25 | 8oz $5.50 | 4oz $3.00​

Significantly Agreeable
Hazy IPA

Our newest Hazy India Pale Ale is heavily dry hopped with Sabro and Elani hops to give it a blast of tropical flavors and aromas. We added lots of oats in the mash to give it a pleasant, pillowy mouthfeel..

7% ABV | 5 SRM | 18 IBU
20 oz $9.25 | 16oz $8.25 | 12oz $7.25 | 8oz $5.50 | 4oz $3.00

BEacon of Finality

Beacon of Finality - NEW!
Imperial Stout with Cacao Nibs & Marshmallow

Behold the Beacon of Finality, a robust and decadent 13% Imperial Stout that stands as a testament to indulgence. This brew envelops your senses with velvety waves of bittersweet chocolate and roasted malt intermingled with the soft sweetness of marshmallow..

13% ABV | 45 SRM | 68 IBU
12 oz $9.00 | | 8oz $7.00 | 4oz $3.50


Cotes de Femme Rosé , 2022
$7.50 5oz pour | $25 Bottle

Domaine Tardier-Gal Sauvignon Blanc, 2022
$11.50 5oz pour | $30 Bottle

J. Mount “Rouquin de Jardin” Pinot Noir, 2021
$11.50 5oz pour | $30 Bottle

Austin Paso Robles Cabernet Savignon, 2019
$15.00 5oz pour | $45 Bottle

A 4% charge will be added to all non-cash payments.  To avoid this charge, cash payments are always welcome.

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