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Our seasonal seltzer, perfect for Summer with lemon and vanilla

ABV 7%
20oz $8.00 | 16oz $7.00 | 12oz $6.00 | 8oz $4.50 | 4oz $2.50

Wicked Throat Charmer
New England IPA

This juicy New England style IPA is wicked awesome! It’s a nice alternative to West Coast IPAs. Dry hopped at the height of fermentation with tons of Citra and Amarillo, this beer is definitely hop forward but has almost no bitterness on the back end. It has a hazy orange color, and is full of tropical and citrus flavors and aromas.

ABV 7.2% | IBU 75 | SRM 7
20oz $9.25 |16oz $8.25 | 12oz $7.25 | 8oz $5.50 | 4oz $3.00

Significantly Agreeable Volume 3
Hazy IPA

Our newest volume of this experimental hazy IPA followed its typical mash profile with loads of oats to give it a pleasant, pillowy mouth Field. In volume three, we remove the typical heavy dry hop of a hazy IPA and instead do it with a load of pure hop terpenes to give it huge notes of pineapple, citrus, and dankness.

ABV 7% | IBU 18 | SRM 5
20oz $9.25 |16oz $8.25 | 12oz $7.25 | 8oz $5.50 | 4oz $3.00

Dawn Patrol

Dawn Patrol
Hazy Session IPA

Dawn patrol is a surfing term for the first surfers out on the morning ocean. Crafted for those who chase waves at sunrise, this beer is packed with tropical & melon flavors and a lower ABV than standard IPAs. Perfect for hot summer days or after a surf session with the rising tide. Brewed with barley and oats for a soft body, and dry-hopped with Vista, Amarillo Cryo, and Mosaic Cryo.

4.1% ABV | 3 SRM | 10 IBU
20oz $9.250 | 16oz $8.25 | 12oz $7.25 | 8oz $5.50​ | 4oz $3.00


The Bare Maximum
Cold IPA

A cold IPA is a crisp and drinkable IPA fermented at cold temperatures that features dry-hopping in primary fermentation and after fermentation is done. It’s a beer that walks the tight-rope between being hop-forward and crisp without being too much of either. Ours is gernerously hopped with Motueka, Citra, and Strata hops giving it notes of lime, strawberry, grapefruit, and pineapple.

7.2% ABV | 3.7 SRM | 38 IBU
20oz $9.25 | 16oz $8.25 | 12oz $7.25 | 8oz $5.50 | 4oz $3​.00

The Ecstasy of Gold Beer Sign

The Ecstasy of Gold
West Coast IPA

Our Homage to El Dorado hops - "El Dorado" translates to "The Golden One." This West COast IPA radiates gold in a glass. The crisp malt backbone allows the E; Dorado's pineapple character and extra candy-like finish to shine, making this beer irresistibly drinkable.

7% ABV | 8 SRM | 65 IBU
20oz $9.25 | 16oz $8.25 | 12oz $7.25 | 8oz $5.50 | 4oz $3​.00

First Blood

First Blood
Blood Orange Hefeweizen

This refreshingly tart & crisp Bavarian style wheat ale has hints of banana, coriander & clove. We’ve added blood orange in the fermenter which rounds out the beer with a subtle citrusy zest on the backend.

ABV 5.3% | IBU 12 | SRM 3
20 oz $8.50 | 16oz $7.50 | 12oz $6.50 | 8oz $5.00 | 4oz $2.75

Helles Hath No Fury
Helles Lager

This Helles Lager was brewed with the help of the amazing women of Two Blokes to show our support for women in the craft beer industry. This bright, crisp, and dry lager is brewed with 100% Carolina pilsner malt. Expect flavors of fresh-baked biscuits and toasty crackers. Saphir hops lend a note of cracked black pepper, with a clean finish from our house lager yeast. .

ABV 5.5% | IBU 20 | SRM 4
7% ABV | 12 SRM | 35 IBU
20 oz $8.50 | 16oz $7.50 | 12oz $6.50 | 8oz $5.00 | 4oz $2.75

calculated loss

Calculated Loss
Amber Lager

Calculated Loss is an amber lager fermented low and slow and lagered for 5 weeks. Its crisp and refreshing with a subtle maltiness and delicate floral hop aroma.

ABV 5% | IBU 9 | SRM 8
20 oz $8.50 | 16oz $7.50 | 12oz $6.50 | 8oz $5.00 | 4oz $2.75

New Botanicals
Strawberry Basil Sour

his sour ale is the embodiment of Summertime in a refreshing liquid form (without the pollen). Crafted with strawberries and aromatic basil, this sour ale boasts a refreshing balance of fresh strawberry and herbal sweetness, and tartness. Each sip is a fusion of botanical bliss.

ABV 5.9%
20oz $9.25 | 16oz $8.25 | 12oz $7.25 | 8oz $5.50 | 4oz $3​.00

Publican on NITRO
English Pub Ale

This English-style pub ale is sessionable with a lower 5.1% ABV. Publicans are British pub owners who make sure your glass stays full. Perfect for those late night conversations about politics and the world at large, it will keep your mind sharp and your palate happy. It has a floral nose, the body is malty, and has a crisp finish. Hopped with East Kent Goldings and Fuggles..

ABV 5.1% | IBU 39 | SRM 9
16 oz Can $7

Penne For Your Thoughts
Italian Pilsner

This Italian Pilsner is made with 100% Carolina Malt and imported Saaz and Herbrucker hops. It’s light and crisp with bright floral and spicy notes. Brewed in collaboration with the best customers a brewery could ask for.

ABV 4.8% | 3.4 SRM |28 IBU
20oz $8.00 | 16oz $7.00 | 12oz $6.00 | 8oz $4.50 | 4oz $2.50


Seize The Ray
Watermelon Lime Kolsch

We took our classic Umlaut and ramped it up for the Summer with the addition of pure, isolated terpenes and natural flavors of watermelon amd lime. If you think Umlaut was crushable before...just wait until you Seize the Ray.

ABV 5.1% | IBU 28 | SRM 3.5
20 oz $8.50 | 16oz $7.50 | 12oz $6.50 | 8oz $5.00 | 4oz $2.75

umlaut Kolsch


Kolsch is a german-style ale traditionally brewed in Cologne. We brew our Kolsch with 100% locally grown and malted barley from Carolina Malt in Cleveland, NC and use classic German hops for our take on this classic style. Expect a light and drinkable beer with delicate notes of biscuit and honey from the malt and floral notes from the hops.

ABV 5.1% | IBU 28 | SRM 3.5
7% ABV | 12 SRM | 35 IBU
20 oz $8.50 | 16oz $7.50 | 12oz $6.50 | 8oz $5.00 | 4oz $2.75

Patio Pounder

Patio Pounder
Lemon Wheat Ale

Summer is here…so we’re gearing up for it here in the taproom. Patio Pounder is the perfect beer for relaxing on the patio in the warm sun. Brewed with Pilsner and wheat malt, just a touch of german saaz hops, and the zest of 160 lemons this beer is slightly floral and bursting with lemon flavor and aroma.

ABV 5.7% | IBU 17 | SRM 3.6
20 oz $8.50 | 16oz $7.50 | 12oz $6.50 | 8oz $5.00 | 4oz $2.75


Cotes de Femme Rosé , 2022
$7.50 5oz pour | $25 Bottle

Domaine Brazilier Chenin Blanc, 2022
$10.00 5oz pour | $30 Bottle

Serodes & Kovac “Tâcherons” Pinot Noir  2021
$11.00 5oz pour | $35 Bottle

Austin Paso Robles Cabernet Savignon, 2019
 $40 (Bottle Only)

A 4% charge will be added to all non-cash payments.  To avoid this charge, cash payments are always welcome.

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