Let's spill the beans on our fantastic crew!

Rhett & Hayley

In their rookie season in the beer industry, the Anderson family, consisting of Haley, Rhett, and George, purchased Two Blokes Brewing Company on April 1, 2023. Two weeks later, Eloise made her debut to the team on April 14th. You can find Rhett and Haley behind the bar on Tuesdays, most Thursdays, and on weekends when the crowd is busy. Rhett loves his German style beers and is usually crushing an Umlaüt or two while Haley sips on a fruity sour. Ask us in about 21 years what Eloise's favorite beer is...


Head Brewer

James grew up in Savannah, so, while not a Charleston native, he says it's easy to feel at home here. For the 13 years preceding his time at Two Blokes, James was out in Texas where he went to graduate school and began his career as a brewer.
"Coffee should be hot. IPA's should be clear. And pizza should never be preceded by the descriptor "deep". If you see me in the taproom, say hi and lets share a pint."

Operations Manager

Michelle has been working at Two Blokes since 2016, which was the first year the brewery opened. She started as a Beertender, moved up to Taproom Manager, and later fell into the position of Operations Manager. She's excited about the new growth opportunities and changes happening at Two Blokes, but also loves sharing stories about the early days of the brewery too. She is also an enthusiastic backyard gardener and grows all kinds of plants, including flowers, herbs, fruits, and vegetables. Although she’s had many favorite beers over the years, her current top choices would have to be Drone, Publican, and The Bare Maximum.

Assistant Taproom Manager/Beertender

Christina has a love for all things water. So being around it after adding malts, hops, and yeast only makes sense. She enjoys chatting with everyone that comes through our taproom, whether you're from near or far. Her favorite beer? Depends on the day! Feel free to ask and she'll gladly provide you with her top three that day. Back her into a corner for her all-time favorite? Trials and Tripelations. Or Helles Hath No Fury. Or Tart Vadar (....you get the picture). Really, she's a big a fan of Two Blokes brews as anyone!


Bethany has been a long-time patron in the beer community, Two Blokes has always been one of her favorite breweries in the Charleston area. She is a freelance graphic designer, coming from the print marketing business. When Bethany is not working she likes to fish, take walks, and her favorite time of year is Labor Day weekend at DragonCon! Her go-to beer at Two Blokes is Drone, the Honey Rye IPA. The combination of malty and hoppy makes it her favorite style!



Meet JJ, the vibrant beertender at Two Blokes Brewing, where his heart beats for the tantalizing world of craft beer, especially the captivating tang of sours. JJ's journey into the realm of brews began with a love affair with sour beer, and it has since evolved into a passion that he shares with patrons daily. Behind the bar, JJ is more than a beertender; he's a storyteller, a guide, and a connoisseur, always ready to curate the perfect beer experience to match your tastes.

keep calm & saison


Cameron moved down to Charleston a year ago after graduating from Virginia Tech. She’s the newest member of Two Blokes and has loved trying out all the beers we have! In her free time, she enjoys hanging out with her dog Oliver, taking her niece Eloise on walks and drinking her favorite two blokes beer, First Blood!

Assistant Brewer

Caleb has been the assistant brewer at two blokes for 6 months, and also bartends at Wind and Waves Brewing. He was born and raised in Charleston and went to the University of South Carolina, graduating in 2022. Caleb loves to skateboard, surf, and play disc golf in his free time. His favorite style of beer is a pale ale, but his favorite beer on tap right now is the Purple People Eater.


Good Boy

The goodest of good boys, began his career in the beer industry as a young 10-week-old pup in Austin, Texas having his first sip at Bangers on Rainey Street. Five years later you can find him greeting anyone who enters Two Blokes, patrolling the floor for popcorn, or patiently staring down customers for a nibble of whatever the food truck is serving up. George's favorite beer is obviously the Good Boy Golden Ale, which he named after himself. He also loves whatever beer ends up on the floor of the brewhouse during canning days.

Two Blokes Brewing
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